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List of previously VAC banned players playing on our server.

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I just noticed on the server stats page it shows a yellow exclamation next to any player who has been previously VAC banned, so here's the list. Being previously banned doesn't mean they are cheating now, but I think it's good to know the names and keep an eye on them.

These players are in the top 500 for skill on our server.
#27-SYKO [url="http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/6153"]http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/6153[/url]
#72- Loveundermytail [url="http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/3079"]http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/3079[/url]
#78 [b]ænergy intol [/b][url="http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/6286"]http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/6286[/url]
#158 [b]SmilaX [/b][url="http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/2253"]http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/2253[/url]
#271 [b]TNG# Snipe1002 [/b][url="http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/6273"]http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/6273[/url]
#346 [b]TG0D Internet Hate Machine [/b][url="http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/3338"]http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/3338[/url]
#366 [b]Weddo d[-_-]b [/b][url="http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/1386"]http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/1386[/url]
#371 [b]diTWD MACHAMP [/b][url="http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/633"]http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/633[/url]
#397 [b]-R Akiyuki [/b][url="http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/2464"]http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/2464[/url]
#431 Nvidia [url="http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/788"]http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/788[/url]
#461 Leci [url="http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/6087"]http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/6087[/url]
#496 [b][K.lo] Doc [/b][url="http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/4483"]http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/4483[/url]

These are players with the most activity on our server.
#103 SYKO
#107 Maniac Meat h[url="http://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/1127"]ttp://osg.gameme.com/playerinfo/1127[/url]
#128 YOLO
#283 [b]TG0D Internet Hate Machine[/b]
[b]#286 Circa.[/b]
[b]#391 [/b][b]ænergy intol[/b]
[b]#484 [/b][b]diTWD MACHAMP[/b]

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