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Consider an AWP Limitation?

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Personally, I don't mind them. However, sometimes it kills a server when a team is winning and just awp stacks and waits for guys to come in and shoot.

I have played on many servers with limitations like 3 per team. This makes them more valuble and gets your team to really think about who they want to be sniping. Makes the game a lot more fun for regulars trying to come in and not get dominated all the time.

Banning the AWP is dumb I like the competition and definitely don't mind picking it up, but there have been a few times where too many is just kind of nuts sometimes. I admit it hasn't been a really big problem but just something to think about.

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The only restriction I'd be interested in is banning the auto sniper as its purely catered to noobs who have no actual skills, and in the hands of a skilled player can be completely devastating to a pub in terms of killing the server and being unfair.

Awp limitation might be ok but honestly awps are not a big deal if you know how to deal with them, I've never had trouble killing any awper in our server with my ak, and enjoy the challenge of doing so, but I can see how 6 awpers on a map like train can make it difficult.

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I agree with what you said I definitely enjoy killing people with my AK as much as the next. Just giving a heads up about getting the server to be a little more pub friendly sometimes. It really hasn't been that much of an issue really just something I noticed a couple times while I was playing later at night. Peoples tolerance for getting owned by awps seems to be a much lower at 1 am. Thats when people start leaving real quick.

Definitely agree about auto

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