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Sup guys, got banned today

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Hello OSG community,

Many of you might not know who I am but I just recently started playing on the OSG CSGO server regularly. I really enjoyed my time in the server not only because of unrestricted awps, but also the people.

So anyways, today I got banned for suspected wall hacks. I don't wall hack. It would be nice to get unbanned so I can keep playing in the server. If there's any information I need to provide regarding the process of getting unbanned, it's no problem.

Thanks, and hopefully see you guys in the server!

swtich plaguE

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Hopefully whoever banned you will have a demo to back up the ban.

Just looking at your stats, your KPD and accuracy are both pretty high for pub stats, certainly high enough to warrant an admin watching you closer than most players. Compare your stats to others in the top 50 and you'll see what I mean.

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