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Request for unban: switch plaguE

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Hey guys, here is the requested info:

1. Alias: switch plaguE
2. Steam ID: 1:0:3375400
3. Server: OSG
4. Date and Time of Ban: Friday afternoon (Oct 19)
5. What Led to the Ban/Your Side of Story: I don't remember much but it was shortly after I was dominating on italy..though not sure which map I was playing. Would appreciate if admins could go over demos again. Also, I would like a copy of the dem file if you still have it haha

Thanks for your time,


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Hi Justin,

Thanks for calmly and maturely posting on this and being patient. I'm gathering information on this and will get back to you later today. I have to take my daughter to a college open house for the morning cap today so I'll do my best to get with the admin in question and get this taken care of by tonight.

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