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Map rotation. My input and your input.

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Hey all,

So I've been thinking about a map rotation that would maximize server popularity and think I've come up with a pretty decent rotation, but want all your opinions on it. It does play the more popular maps like D2 a tad more frequently, as some of the less popular maps, although good, sometimes cause a 30-50% drop in server population.

*Note* I am not sure the below maps all have an associated _se version for each, so disregard the _se if that map does not have one. The _se versions of these maps, for all that don't already know, are the same maps but "cleaner" in terms of flying dust particles, random plants everywhere, etc... They are designed to be the competitive version of the same maps, which I personally prefer.


I also see some wording online about a few maps I am not sure weve played on our server. Are these maps only for the other modes?

If not, I say we add some of these in the rotation as well.


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Those maps are all for the other game modes. I suggested some new maps in the other thread though. However, usually with custom maps it will cause people to leave the server unless they are very popular maps used in competitive play. The way the server is set up now it always goes to the map that the people vote for so the rotation is really pointless. I don't think it's possible but if it was i'd set up the server so that whenever there is less than 10 people it goes to dust 2 automatically to fill the server.

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Yeah the rotation really doesn't matter a whole lot since everyone votes when there is only 10 rounds left of the current map, but we can still change up the mapcycle.txt with the available maps so that the vote will pull from that. When we have more maps it will work better because you have a setting so that it will not put a map in the vote if it has been played in the last 2 map changes.

The SE maps are still bugged a lot of people complaining about them, not sure why but randomly it will lock the teams to 5 per team. Last night I noticed the d2 version of it was running and killed the server completely. I think when people filter for d2 servers on their server list they look for "de_dust2" so even though SE is similar they never find their way in.

The maps you put up [url="http://osgamers.net/forums/topic/19-server-maps/#entry295"]here[/url] Metal I added the ones that will accommodate 32 slots. Just seems like no one votes for them yet, but if we have a full server could set one of them as the next map to try them out. The only thing I see that sucks with player maps so far is they don't fully complete them, like your radar is just a black image, you can't change the load screen, it's just blank. I'm sure this stuff will get better as the game ages.

I'm hoping in the next few weeks they will port over more of the stock CS maps.

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Yea you're right about the radar being black, that kinda sucks but the maps are still decent. I haven't seen any voting for new maps unless it was just done today. I mentioned yesterday that Aztec and Italy never shows up in the voting options.

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