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Starseries Season V Finals

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So what do you guys think about [url="http://static.starladder.tv/uploads/news/images/Slider_2013_Starladder_CSGO_Star_Series_season_5_3.jpg"]this[/url]?


Virtus.pro finally broke the 87-0 NiP lan win streak (absolutely amazing win streak). They actually beat them twice, to win the Starseries Finals.


You can watch their first loss [url="http://news.esea.net/csgo/index.php?s=news&d=comments&id=12583"]here[/url]. It was very close. Really amazing game. 


And their second loss will be up somewhere soon. 


So Virtus.pro put NiP into 87-4, which is pretty ridiculous. 


What do you guys think about this?


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pretty nuts VP beat them 4 times in a row. 


Fifflaren had a rough LAN in general. Pros are human as well I guess.


NiP is still the best though

Yup. I think they were just so used to winning they didn't know how to respond once they began losing. 

It aint easy being so good xD


I found the Grand Final videos. 




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