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Hacker detected!

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Check his profile. Check how many hours spent playing NE CS. And VAC BAN on Record, member since 2009.
Few admins saw him shaking and hsing everybody.
Correct me if im wrong.
My account since 2006 and other for CS 1.6 WONID since 2000. ex member of sK year 2000 (sweden). and CAL-P team nSe 2006.

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Moved to Server Reporting. For future reference, we will need additional information like time this occurred, any videos that you recorded of him to be available, etc. If you can't provide that information it's fine, but all we can do is just look out in the future instead of reviewing him and banning based on provided evidence as a preventative measure for future issues.

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He does have a previous VAC ban so i'll be watching him regardless.
Here is his stats profile on the OSG Server, it says in a big yellow bar at the top that he is vac banned.


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Honestly i know whos hacking and whos not... Been playing CS since 1999 first Beta as addon to HL.
in 2000 team sK 4th place in 1st baltic CPL, trained with famous NiP Potty NiP Heaton
in 2006 CAL-P Team nSe and won 2 v 2 NYC tournament with sm00gler from 3D
Invented 1st Material Hack (lowered transperency and opacity, corrected some textures with 3Ds Max) - preatty much as wall hack only works with sv_pure 0.
Give me few month to get back to CS and everyone will call me as a hacker. Been alot of time. :)))

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