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Failed to Join Session / Banned from Session

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I know the server seems to need restarted ~1 time per day for this reason of "Failed to Join Session" or "Banned from Session" ect.... We were trying to determine if it was a mod or the actual CS:GO server code that was bugged. Valve finally admitted that it's an issue with the following.

"It has nothing to do with metamod or sourcemod.

This problem is caused by one of the following:

1. You've configured your server settings wrong (mapgroups, cvars, gamemodes_server.txt)
2. You're using sv_hibernate_postgame but the value is not 5,
3. Steam friends goes down which will give every connecting player a "failed to join session" error and the only way to solve that when steam goes down is to restart the server.

Sometimes Steam only goes down for maintenance for half a minute but it is enough to mess up the server.

We are good on 1&2 so we are at the mercy of Valve until #3 is fixed. If you have an issue with it needing to be restarted PM me here on the forum so it will email my phone in case I'm not in front of the computer.

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is there maybe a way to set up another trusted member with the option of restarting server?......maybe give em a user name pw (dif from urs)...that only allows em to do so?...no idea if possible...just throwing it out there so ur not alway bein bother by it : )

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The leaders of the clan share this responsibility, so it's definitely not just Gallitin. :) It's only when collosal problems happen like the other night that he needs to get involved because he pays for the server and has to contact the company directly.

So if the server goes down, you can message Gallitin, Walking Decoy, Alpha or I and we can take care of it. i know sometimes I go 1-2 days without being on Steam, so I can give my email address to send an email. I check it all the time.

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While Alpha and Decoy have access your best bet for a quick fix is Puss or myself. If you send either of us a PM here on the boards it will email us. I'm usually good about getting it done within a few minutes as I can even restart it from my phone.

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