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awp/scout xsair legal?


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My buddy sent me a command to have xsair for awp and scout but I told him its illegal and can get him banned. (Have no idea) just told him that since hes new.

I havent tried it since I'm at work but I'm curious. Im pretty sure its illegal in esea and can get a ban.

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If it's a normal/valid cvar it won't get you vac'd. If a league is using an AC client which captures your screen, it'll probably get you banned.

I assume you mean a crosshair for non-scoped as well (like Hollow above), although this will not help you with the AWP whatsoever. There is just too much spread when it's un-scoped.

EDIT-- found this: [url="http://www.hltv.org/forum/178077-awp-w-crosshair-csgo"]http://www.hltv.org/...-crosshair-csgo[/url]

Looks like it's a cheat command so won't work in a server.

[quote]Yes, they only forgot to disable crosshair in AWP on cl_crosshairstyle 4.[/quote]

Not sure about the above quote, but I guess you can test it. ;)

[color=#ff0000]efekt, please post up what your friend told you. [/color] I have no plans to use it, I'm just curious.

If it is just a bugged cvar, I'm sure it'll get patched (eventually). ;)

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