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Is there anyway to get a donation button on the site or something? I think it would be a good idea so one person isn't fitting the bill for everything and I know I would personally like to give some money here and there especially since there's a TS, Server, Website, and soon Private Server (i hope).

Also, yesterday in TS I saw like 13 people in there so as that becomes more popular there might need to be some more spots in there as well.

I hate having one person pay for all this stuff I'm using on a regular basis.

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I really haven't had an issue with paying it, but several people have asked me about donating. I'll put up a button.

Teamspeak's not included with the server, but we have a 15 man right now, only $3/month.

Private server is ordered and there, just need to put the correct config on it.

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