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My cousin referred me to your server. Been playing all night. Looking forward to coming back as long as its not on aztec or vertigo.

_se maps are much prettier. ( _ve / _ce )

The afk's get a bit out of hand at night. Had 3 the entire map (22 rounds)

The players seems nice at times. I eventually end up muting 2 or 3 before map change. Lol

I use a Mag7.


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A few people were getting a little frustrated this morning on the opposing team and made the accusation of me cheating/hacking. If there is any question at all don't hesitate to ask me, ill be more than happy to supply you with a demo, screenshots, or allow a net meeting for you to look around my files. It's not the first time so I have no problem doing any of those.

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[quote name='Sheehan' timestamp='1351013110' post='2400']
Shout-casting while drunk. Will keep that to a minimum.

Well so much for that. I just had to ban you for 3 hours. Not only were you calling enemy players "nigga" left and right, when you switched to the Terrorist side you wouldn't shut up about criticizing teammates. And when I asked you to just play and stop criticizing, you reply "Nope. I enjoy it."

Next time, it's permanent. I'll only say this one more time. Shut up, stop being a jerk to others and play. Your extensive CS "prowess" is not impressive considering how ugly you have shown your personality to be thus far. I've played with you 4 times maybe and I'm already fed up with you.

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