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www.bit-tech.net is a site I've been frequenting for years now for great articles on new tech. Not to shabby on the game reviews either but where they really shine is their community forums. Some of the best modders in the world keep project logs on their forums. If you haven't checked it out already take a peek at this years [url="http://www.bit-tech.net/modding/2012/12/23/mod-of-the-year-2012/"]Mod Of The Year[/url]

I can't decide between these two:

Tenuis by Peter Husar (Gtek)
[url="http://www.bit-tech.net/modding/2012/12/23/mod-of-the-year-2012/18"]More Pics[/url]

The Next Level by Pascal de Greef (Paslis)
[url="http://www.bit-tech.net/modding/2012/12/23/mod-of-the-year-2012/20"]More pics[/url]

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Yeah, the desk ones are hard to beat. Here is last years winner:
L3p D3sk by Peter Brands (l3p)
[url="http://www.bit-tech.net/modding/2011/12/23/mod-of-the-year-2011/8"]More pics[/url]

I seem to recall this guy routing his water cooling down through the floor where he had his radiators in the crawl space to get that extra cool air lol

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[quote name='Walking-Decoy' timestamp='1357282948' post='6140']
I have a wooden desk that I could do this to very easily... lol.

Well, not "EASILY", but a good candidate for. Even better is I hate all the wiring it creates.

But you lose portability though.

Gonna need some pics of this....

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