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DE Maps - Original Maps

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Hello everybody. I love playing in you guys' server! It brings me back to the 1.6 days of old...

Unfortunately the server dies EVERY SINGLE TIME the server changes to a de map or office or any of the originals.

Considering this is an aim server, would you consider removing those maps from the rotation & voting system? I don't know anybody who plays headshot only on bomb/hostage maps. It's just impractical and silly. What usually happens is the server completely dies and I have to rock the vote myself and start it over - myself. Kind of annoying as it happens regularly!

Please consider these points and remove those maps!


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Those maps are only on there for a test that I did. I had already planned for this weekend on removing them and setting the server back to aim only maps. Which leads to a point that I have about it being aim only. So far the only two maps that do well with headshot deathmatch are aim_ak-colt and aim_map_csgo. Aim_ak47 is ok, but I notice the server dies with that map as well. I would like to see a better variety than just 2 maps. I'm looking for a couple other aim maps that will do well with the server settings as they are. Any ideas? I tried the top 10 most popular aim maps via gamesbana, but they don't do very well either.

Anyhoo, thanks for the input and post.

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Hmm, I would suggest possibly shorter map times. Giving it more of a quick rotate should work. I think it's at like 15 minutes now? Maybe chop off 3-5 minutes...and in the map rotation we should rotate the popular maps with some of the less popular ones. We kind of do this with the casual server...


Dust2 1st map
Train 2nd
Aztec 3rd (hurts population sometime)
Dust2 (To refill server)

This allows some variety while also taking advantage of the server filling maps.

I'll try and find some other aim maps...however we could toss in fy_iceworld and a few of those old maps as well, I know those *should* not do too badly. Is there a way to use the gun-game maps as well? Those would do well if we could play them in casual mode.


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In my experience playing on the server, ANY de_map whatsoever kills it. The server dies down when there is a vote map and none of the options are aim maps...then dies completely when it actually changes.

I personally play headshot only to practice aim - I don't think anyone wants to worry about playing spots or angles in such a server (myself included).

I love the server though! It has great registry and seems to be the most popular headshot only server around.

EDIT: It appears that I have to rock the vote until EVERY SINGLE MAP has been chosen. Considering no one votes for the DE maps - it takes me a solid 15 minutes rocking the vote to get the server on a map that will populate the server. This isn't that big of a deal, but it was just full! Now it will be empty for a while.

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