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A problem with one of your Members. DeathRow


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[quote name='Hilikus' timestamp='1358998411' post='7269']
Can he not be both?

Yes but that's not answering the question.

Anyhow Reason being this person was on our server today posting OSG Server ip trying to get people to leave my server and join yours . I am sure we are all under the understanding that's a pretty shady thing to do and you wouldn't appreciate us going into your server posting our ip and telling people to join it.

I assume OSG aren't this type of community that would be desperate enough to steal others members and would rectify the situation of any of there members that would be ignorant enough to do so.

At The PotSmokersLounge we are about fun games and encourage good relationships with other Communites to keep CSGO a fun environment to be in.

I simply asked the question if he's one of your members because he could have just been a New One and not known any better on how communities keep good relations. I wouldn't expect this stupidity to be from a Lead Admin or how you say it, Advanced Member from your Community.

I appreciate your time in resolving this matter so that we can put it past us and carry on on what we do best.

Thanks for your time.



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Thank you for taking the time to post this. I am sorry that one of the first to read this decided to give you a hard time over this. Perhaps it was because we weren't sure where you were going with your question. But I digress...

I'm one of the OSG Leaders and I can tell you that we do not encourage our members to go into other servers and advertise our own server and syphon off from other servers. The entire practice doesn't look shady so much as just make someone look desperate for traffic. I agree with this completely. Our membership by-laws are very clear that we are to act with integrity in game servers regardless of whether they are ours or another person's and that was not done in this case if what you say is true.

I am assuming you have no reason to lie and waste your own time contacting us, so I apologize on the clan's behalf for that behavior. It is not condoned and will be handled internally.

Thanks for letting us know this has happened.

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Thanks a lot for the classy and quick Reply Puss in Boots.

It seems you try to run the same kind of operation that we do at The PotSmokersLounge Community.

We appreciate the understanding and I will forward your message back to the Administrators of PsL.

Thanks again for your time and We wish the best of luck for the OSG Community.

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