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Aliens: Colonial Marines


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Anyone else excited for this one?

I've been looking forward to this game since I was in 7th grade, when it was first in development. Since then, it has been cancelled twice but it is finally coming out. [i]Aliens[/i] is my all-time favorite film and I've been waiting for a game that is true to the film since I was a young kid.

I even wrote an article about it after it went into production for a second time, way back in 2007: http://www.planetavp.com/features/articles/tyler-1.shtml

I've got this bad boy pre-ordered and I'm ready to play it on day one. :)

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So it was supposed to release at midnight, but didn't until about 3 AM (I think). Couldn't stay up because I have to work....now I can't play it until this evening....




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I'm out 2.5-3 hours in.


So far, I like it. It definitely has it flaws such as the AI bots are dumb and rush way to far ahead of you, and I wish some of the weapon sound effects were louder.


The graphics are hit and miss. Some environments look awesome, while others look pretty darn dated.


I haven't read any of the reviews yet, because I know it will taint my outlook on the game.


I won't play the multiplayer until I beat the singleplayer (my own "tradition")

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Welp, I just finished it.


It took me....4-5 HOURS!


Are you kidding me!? A $50 game ($60 on consoles) takes 4-5 HOURS TO COMPLETE!?


Besides all of the other faults that this game has, and there are plenty, that was way to short for a single-player campaign.


Overall, the game was pretty bad. Yes, it has some cool moments, but there is too much wrong with this game to overlook. I am a die-hard Aliens fan that has been looking forward to this game for about 13 years or so (back when it was announced for the PS2) and even I can't get over how much the development team f*cked this one up.


The story sucks, the graphics are mostly bad, the sound effects are underwhelming, the AI is ridiculously stupid, 95% of the game is played alongside of a NPC that runs way ahead of you and eliminates any element of surprise that the enemies may have had. Oh man, and that ending...holy crap...I've seen some bad ones but.....wow....just....wow....


I'm sorry, I just can't take it anymore....excuse me....



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I would agree I beat it and I thought it was a cool story but there were so many things wrong with it that I would say I would have rather borrowed it from someone who did buy it instead of spending money on it. The aiming on consoles was horrid there was no smoothness to it at all it was jumpy, there would be 3 aliens running at you and you try to aim at one and it jumps over them then you aim the other way and it jumps back so you had to use the whole area and run around and hope you could get the damn shot to line up. Then when they were right on top of you and your shooting full auto and you get no hits that shit pissed me off, smartgun ftw.

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