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If any of you need any of this.


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I just upgraded my computer so now I have extra parts laying around. If any of them are an upgrade for you let me know and ill send it to you.

I don't remeber the motherboard but I will edit this tonight with it,
I do remeber its a intel and a extreme series and it has 4 ddr3 ram slots, abd is sli capable, I had two 560 ti running in it.

I7 920 2.7 ghz I believe. I was able to oc it to 3.4 and be stable but I also have 8 fans on my case, Your call.

I know they arnt the greatest but hey if it's an upgrade who cares lol.

Let me know,


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Ok Puss here is the motherboard info:

Intels site with specs:

Amazon has some good pictures of the board:

I also noticed that you have DDR2 ram. I don't think this board supports DDR2, so you might have to take that into consideration.

I also burned you a copy of win7 64 just remember it won't be valid until you buy a serial number/product key.

The MB you have won't work with the CPU so you would have to take your MB out and put this one in. It's not at bad as you would think, but on the same hand it's a computer and Darwin's law kicks in every time lol.

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Ok man

Here is the stuff, I'll get it in the mail today hopefully once this monsoon passes lol.

Mother Board

This is the ram, . The heat sinc fan for the CPU and windows 7.
The ram is 8gb stick of ddr3 1600 so you should be good to go with it.
The CPU fan is super easy to install, just turn the legs and push into the holes lol.
Windows is before service pack one so you will have a night of updating after you install it and will also need to buy a win 7 pro serial key to validate it eventually, It cost about 130 for the key.


If you need any help with it let me know.

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