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Server Max Players?

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Hey all,

I was thinking after playing quite extensively the last few days since they fixed they max player bug.... I don't find it nearly as enjoyable as when it was around 25 players max. Does anyone agree with this?

I mean, I like having a ton of players in there... But it just seems so much less organized this way. Less strategies are called, and it really just gets to an un-fun hectic level.

Do you guys agree or disagree?

I think I much prefer a max of 26-28 players instead.


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as someone who uses a computer with pretty low specs, i prefer 10v10 or at most 12v12, and forget about strats on a full pub

its gets pretty crazy when you have a server with 30slots full and forget about alot of flashes/smokes/molos

just my .02

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Yeah I can't decide. Right now the CS:GO server code only allows 15 on each team, so we really only are using 30 of the slots, the other 2 are kind of like reserved spots.

The problem with lowering the slots is that if a lot of people leave at one time it's harder to repopulate, but even if 10 people leave on the 32 man we still have over 20 in the server and it will stay filled.

Also when the users sort by population it will show 32 mans on the top.

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Also, the last time I was in the server, on the ct side, myself and about 9 others were implementing strategy and talking to each other. We dominated because of this, and having it 15v15 was just a blast. I mean, as soon as someone left, the spot filled up.

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[quote name='Xeno' timestamp='1347316337' post='527']
15v15 is really fun on the dusts, train and office. The others it gets a little awkward. Just for fun, the more the better in my opinion. Competitive, 5v5 or 7v7.

100% agree with this. Casual servers that are 32 players get much more attention (and obviously traffic.) If we are looking to build the clan, I'd say it might not be in our best interest to change it to a competitive server with 20-24 slots max. I don't want to be greedy and say add a second server for competitive either, though.

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I also agree, having more players on the server makes it more attractive to people browsing the server list. Keeping it above 30 is the reason it's so popular.
In CSS our server used to have reserved slots and people could make a 1 time donation of like $5 or something and then whenever they joined the server they would get in regardless of if it was full. If it was full the last person to join would be kicked to make room. If it is possible to have reserved slots in CSGO I would suggest advertising this to make some money towards paying the OSG bills.

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