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CEVO used to have their own anti-cheat client that you needed to download and run before every match before opening the game. I think the last time I played it was called the CEVO MATCH NETWORK 3 (CMN3). Though, I know they've revamped a lot - I'm not sure if they have a new client or a new version or any at all. I'd assume so, but I could be wrong. 

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I remember the same thing that Vanguard does.  Paladin is the new anti-cheat method. You have to run it before you start the match. It sounds like it works just like ESEA. It records the programs that are running in the background. It also takets snapshots during the game. 


Now it doesn't ban you cause it can't. It has to go into a queue, which it then gets reviewed by CEVO people. It could take a month or couple of weeks to get banned.  


When I use to play CEVO and CAL, we had to make demos of every match and take pictures of the status command in the console, and take picture of net_graph 3. 


I joined the team.. I can play if I am around. I should be around. Tue night does not work for me because I work.

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