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be on for practice 5/15/13 @ 6:30est-?. if our 5 isn't on i will have to fill the roster up with those who are dedicated bc preseason is right around the corner. khukie or myself will be running scrims from the start. we need to have time to work on chemistry.

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as long as we have 5 on I can't be on late because of wife And baby. And for that matter I try to scrim with anyone I. the Cevo team nightly at least once but the only ones on are xeek and khukie. all I need to know is if your on the roster then I expect you to play and practice as a team.if not then I will get others who have competitive interests. In all my experiences I have never been on a team that doesn't have good chemistry and I'm not going to start this season out pugging it.

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