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  • 2 weeks later...

The other aztec and nuke are not gone, but the regular aztec and nuke were added back to the rotation.

I did this from watching the traffic trends. Since adding them, during the day the pub is almost impossible to populate organically because one of those 2 new maps ends up on the server the few people in there leave and the server sits empty until night time/afternoon.

When it's a full server and going to those maps it doesn't seem to cause an issue.

So people have a choice of which they choose to vote for when the end of map vote comes up.

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Gotta vouch for Gallitin on this one. I prefer the newer remake maps as well but I am most interested in getting traffic and having a full server over my own preferences. After all, what good is having your preference win if it empties the server and it's just you? I'll take the crappy map with a stacked roster over the better map with bots any day.

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