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Points Reset!

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Sorry was behind on resetting the stats this time around. Time to get in the server and earn those points again... We didn't delete kill history or anything, just reset points back to 1k for everyone.

Also get ready for December 1st. Working on a giveaway. Should have details worked out for the month of December. Contest winner will receive some kind of computer hardware.

Still trying to decide how to make it fair. Not just #1 on the server wins, but maybe everyone that has over so many kills gets their name in the drawing and then we pick from the hat?

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Cool deal! How often do you think this should be done? And if you want you can show me how to do it so you don't have to remember all the time. :)

Also, at the time of my post Gallitin is #1 with 1,849 points. And there's a contest? Something tells me Gallitin wants himself a new rig ;) lol just kidding

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sounds like a pretty awesome idea. i like Ghoda's idea. I think it should be more than a hundred kills though. you can rack up a hundred kills in a days worth of play. I mean if this is a month long contest then it has to be closer to the thousands so that you don't just have to walk in and play for a day and then you're in and never come back.

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Are there multiple prizes?

We could have people "Enter" the contest via the forums here... It would bring in people to register which would increase forum activity.... We may also want to think about making it so OSG members cannot win this first round, or something... Or a limit to how many times a member can win so as not to make it seem like its rigged.

I say a minimum amount of time played (15-20 hours for the month seems reasonable in my opinion)... at least 700 kills or so.... forum activity of over 15 posts within the month or something...

I dunno, just tossing out ideas.

The registering to the forum would certainly limit the amount of people entered, but those that do enter are most likely our regulars, and more likely to come back to the forums as well.


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[quote name='Walking-Decoy' timestamp='1352495630' post='3280']
You could have it so each of those qualifications above gain the contestant 1 "entry"... so the more you do the more entries you get and the better your chance of winning.

Yeah that's what I was thinking. Figuring out how to track it without completely dumping all the stats each time.

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