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Elementary School Shooting


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What a fucking sick world we live in... honestly if you're that disturbed just do the world a favor and off yourself. So disturbing we can't send kids to school without things like this happening. Sicko... I wish he was alive so he could be tortured for eternity.

For those who don't know:


27 people dead, 18 children ages 5-10.

Apparently fatally shot one of his parents in NJ as well.

Update: The mom worked at the school and was shot also... guess thats the connection.

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Updated to 20 children now. Just absolutely insane. This is one of my worst fears having 4 kids (1 elementary, 1 middle school, 2 high school) and a wife that's a high school teacher.

This on the heels of a guy in China who stabbed 22 primary school children and an elderly woman on their way to classes earlier this week.

What a devaluation of life.

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