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I just broke down and got CS:GO. I have been playing since CS 1.5 and am now 24 years old (25 in a few days :o ) and searched for a group to be a regular at. I never cared much for just playing in random servers, I appreciate the comminity aspect more. This site was the first one that came up on google and it seemed appropritate.

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hello osg forums :) I'll just start off by saying osg is really the only public server i play on (it's fun) besides deathmatch servers. I have been playing since the first day source came out. I have played competitive in the past but I don't care about leagues enough now it's really too time consuming. My exp is a couple of seasons of CAL open-im- and main, cevo main and esea open and main http://www.legit-proof.com/search/?method=guid&query=0%3A1%3A8786183. In my opinion i'm just a mediocre player, but if you see me in the server and want some pointers don't be afraid to ask.

p.s. i googled "old school gamers osg" 1st link

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