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Since Valve has yet to release a CS:GO version of the map cs_Militia there is one being created from the Counter-Strike 1.6 version of the map by a player. Looks good so far.

[attachment=12:cs_militia 1.jpg]

[attachment=13:cs_militia 2.jpg]

[attachment=14:cs_militia 3.jpg]

[attachment=15:cs_militia 4.jpg]

[attachment=16:cs_militia 5.jpg]

[attachment=17:cs_militia 6.jpg]

[attachment=18:cs_militia 7.jpg]

[attachment=19:cs_militia 8.jpg]

[attachment=20:cs_militia 9.jpg]

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i cant wait for this

"Your training will tell you that when the adrenaline kicks in you should compensate, but part of you is not gonna believe the training because this kill is personal. Take a deep breath, you only need one shot."


Make it count

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