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Just wanted to say, good job everyone!

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I was in a different pub the other day trying to test my laptop to get the best fps possible (wanted one with lots of people to stress the laptop and it was mid day and ours was dead)... and while playing one of the members of the server that was talkative said something to the effect of why was I in their server when our clan was so much more popular and 4 times the size of theirs... and then someone else chimed in and said they also heard how big OSG was and how fun they were to play with... It was just interesting going into a random pub and having people not only know our name, but reference us in a positive manner.

So keep it up everyone, great job, and let's keep bringing in fun people to play with and continue to grow this clan to the biggest and best clan we can be!

Has this happened to anyone else yet?


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