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CS Update 2/13/13 - (server needs patched)

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Release Notes for 2/13/2013

* Deagle: increased effective range.
* P250: reduced effective range.
* Glock: increased recoil on burst.
Added a community dedicated server convar
"sv_workshop_allow_other_maps". When this option is enabled and the
server is idling empty, it will allow players to reserve it on another
workshop map. Server will then download the other workshop map and let
players play it, after the map ends the players will mapcycle into
workshop collection hosted by the server.
* Added a game setting 'Max
Acceptable Matchmaking Ping' to allow users in geographic locations far
from official datacenters to find games via matchmaking without using
developer's console.
* Servers starting to host a workshop collection will no longer show up as running de_dust.
* Added convar mp_death_drop_c4 that determines whether C4 is droppable.
* Fixed not being able to drop C4 in Demolition mode.
* Added display of public joinable games in maps workshop browser.
Fixed dead players getting a network update that showed their dead icon
position at the position of the player they jumped to spectate right
after dying
* Fixed mapcycle problems when the server was playing a map outside of active mapgroup or collection.
Workshop maps no longer show "workshop" prefix on master server and
official maps show "official" instead of map id when played as part of
hosted workshop collection.
* Fixed the post processing effects (like
blur) persisting through a level change to the new map if the new map
does not contain a postprocess_controller entity.
* Fixed some sv convars so they can be executed via map cfg files
* Fixed the regular radar images not showing on the loading screen for workshop/custom maps
* Fixed an interpolation exploit with bogus update rates.
* Fixed a regression where old protobuf demo files failed to play. All protobuf demos should be playable again.
* Maps that are newly subscribed are now highlighted as NEW in the UI.




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Hmm, so which pistol is superior now?  The P250 change makes no sense.  That sucks about the glock, it was nice not having to buy a pistol as a T. 


I'm really interested in this change tho


* Fixed some sv convars so they can be executed via map cfg files


Wish they had more detail. 

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