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Been a while...I'm on my way back!


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Harro errbody, ZoLy here. ^_^
I know, crazy huh? I'm like a ghost!
Been bouncing around between appointments and other games and what not figured I'd hop in for a quick update.
Surgery is Thursday then I'm bed ridden for a little while and I'm at the point in WoW where there's nothing I can really do outside of raid nights.
Huge thanks to Habanero again for the help a while back, huuge boost in morale! :D

I'll be on CS a bit more than I've been recently, even though I'm pissed because of my inactivity I lost my supreme master first class, played and won a ranked game to get my rank back and they put me at distinguished master guardian. -.-'

But yeah that's about it, wish me luck OSG fam! :D


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