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Final release of de_mill now available...

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I think its much more balanced than the original release of Mill.  In the original, there's not very many feasible ways to get to B as a terrorist - you either have to flood middle with smokes and rush, or you can get picks at spiral and hope the rotation doesn't cut you off.  The new version gives the terrorists more options for taking the B site, and, as a result, it makes it a more viable map since its not so CT-biased.  In a server like ours (competitive casual) a map that is normally CT-biased (like Mill or Dust) becomes an exercise in futility for Terrorists.  For example, on Dust the server can really bog down into an AWP-fest because the CTs get to the best sniping spots more quickly than the Terrorists, and people will leave the server if they feel there is ridiculous imbalance.  I think the same problem exists in the original version of Mill.


I also like the newest change of making the "heaven" area of B accessible by stairs instead of ladder.


I would definitely like to see the newest version on the server.  To be honest, I always get disappointed when the public server switches to Mill because I know its the original version.

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