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Got any WoW players OSG Fam? :D


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Playing on K'T alliance if anyone wants to do stuffz, also looking for someone to play my other account for Recruit a friend. Scripted multiboxing only gives me the illusion of having friends. D:

Or if you play any bnet games my battletag is ZoLy#1704

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Yeah I started WoW I want to say 6months to a year after BC was released and loved it then Sun Well that was cool and Wrath but once they released Uldar I was done. I had done enough hard made with what was available especially OS3D being a rogue. Then I came back 3-4 months later and they had ToC open which that place was cool but then I quit again and came back shortly after ICC was open and raided ICC for awhile before like normal the new exp was coming out so everyone leaves and then came back when cataclysm came out. I stayed for cata for awhile but I think at this point there was so much drama and people had left that sometimes we had trouble getting people into raids but we got up to rank 17 WW. Now, I think the entire guild transferred to another server to recruit more people and I don't ever want to go back.

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