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need a new game that isnt online


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hey guys


i just moved to a place where i have satelite internet, which means, no more csgo, no more cod, and limited internet usage monthly. So I need a fun game i can play alone. I like stuff like diablo 2, 3. Someone recommended guild wars 2, but i didnt see antyhing about an offline mod. I don't really wanna get diablo 3 again just to play offline. its not that fun online or offline. I was thinking about replaying diablo 2 offline but I have played that game so many times. 

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i like the games like w.o.w and diablo, where you have different characters. just dont like wow for some reason. i played it for less than a month and quit. i have star craft 2, but thats pretty boring campaign, and i suck way too much to play online lmao.

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My favorite offline games:


Portal 1 & 2

Battlefield 1942

Grand Theft Auto series

Just Cause 2  -  the game get's much funner if you get the BOLOpatch

Arma 3  -  you have to learn the scenario editor pretty well if you want a good offline experience

STALKER series  -  I don't play it too often. I'm too scared

XCOM - Enemy Unknown

Bioshock Infinite

Euro Truck Simulator 2  -  don't bother with the first one, it sucks



I'm sure there are many more good offline games. I just haven't played them yet.


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