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OSG Competitive Server. Your thoughts?

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Who here would play in a more competitive oriented server?

We have a very very popular classic mode pub, 32 man and pretty much always filled... But would you guys play in a more hardcore server? We're talking real classic CS.. Buy your armor, kits, standard kill payouts, lower round time, lower max players... Like 24 max. You can only monitor your team to limit ghosting, etc.

I think it may be fun, and a good alternative to our classic mode pub for when that is filled... We obviously already have a line to get into our server as it's pretty much always filled during the nights, why not double that?



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I don't have a problem putting one up as a demo server, can't say how popular it will be though as it takes A LOT of time to build up a good server, I have 121 hour within the OSG server not counting tweaks while out of game.

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I am not a member of the clan yet, but a 2nd competitive server is a good idea. It shows that Osg has two sides being a fun laid back pub, and the competitive side. Would also attract more people that are most competitive. From my experience on cs 1.6 and source, if people in the clan are just all over the nation, servers in Dallas, st Louis, or Chicago usually do the trick, and provide equal connection for the most part.

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yes, definately, nothing worse than an overcrowded server

i have a eoreality 10 slot server(need to upgrade for more slots) id donate if you want to test the communities reaction/need for a comp. server, someone from osg management send me a pm, maybe we can work something out

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I would definitely play more in a competitive server, everything else being equal.

In a pub it's more about the community and social aspect of the game IMHO.

I would choose a Casual server over Competitive every time if the folks playing on the Casual server were more fun to play with.

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