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Hey Guys

Love the server - the only place I really play.

The only thing I could see making this server an even better place to play would be to force auto select when joining the server. Teams are more often than not heavily stacked and with no admin around to shuffle players... makes it for a very miserable and long map.

Besides - it's always more fun when the teams are balanced and objectives are somewhat in play. :)

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Thanks for the feedback, Provoke. I do agree that it can be a pain and when I play I try my best to shuffle up the best players from the dominant team over to the losing team to make it as even as possible.

I'm sure it's possible to force auto-select, I'm just not sure how at the moment. I will have to talk to the leaders and see if this is something we want to do, then look at how to do it.

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[quote name='Walking-Decoy' timestamp='1352686649' post='3367']
I say we put it up on the public forum as a poll\vote.

Those in favor.

Those against.

Those who don't care.

Then if it's voted in favor, we make the change but watch the server closely for activity droppage\complaints.

Already going to disagree with you on this being a vote considering we are just now seeing people that have been regulars on the server actually getting on the boards, no offense but provoke is a prime example. you aren't going to get an accurate depiction of data based on who is on the boards currently vs those who actually play in the server. a lot of people don't tend to get on the forums for a server even though they play there often unless they feel a reason too. I just think putting it to vote is a bad idea and i agree with hollow on this where there are maps i know that most people dont want to play the hard side of the map where i do. plus a auto assign can still stack a team and then you have the problem that now people cant switch teams to balance things out. i think we just need more members that have admin that also have the team switch command and actively use it.

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