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Buying Armor/Kits

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I was thinking about turning off auto buy of armor and kits for a couple reasons.

1. Will become habit to purchase these again. (For Competition puposes)
2. Seems like a lot of people have plenty of money for expensive guns. (Will have to be more money conservitive if they have to buy armor also)


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Yeah and they may be why it's so popular as well, hard to tell without trying.

Just seems like it would add some more variety to the game.

-Better money management
-different kill patterns based on if they spent all money for an awp but couldn't afford amor ect...

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I still feel as though the rounds may still be too long. Saw a full server completely empty today on Dust2 because every round was drawn out to the absolute last second. No objectives being done with a ton of down time makes people leave.

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