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Hey guys and gals! As you all know im in the army and i have a high respect for weapons. I would love to know what type of weapon would everyone like to have and there favorite! I also want to share my zombie Apocalypse load out.

Primary: M4a1 w/ suppressor
Secondary: USP45 w/ suppressor

Grenades: Frag, flash, and smoke.

Food: MRE's

Other: NVG's

What do you all have in mind?

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Oh Dear Lord I'm in Heaven

Primary: Bushmaster ACR interchangeable bolt set to 7.62. Foregrip. Good Ol Iron Sights

Secondary: Safely Smith and Wesson MP40.

Grenades: Frag/Flash/Smoke always legitimate.

Food: Your Fucking Crazy MRE's Blow. food would depend on situation whether it be travelling. holed up. stronghold etc.

Other: Melee. Sword/K-Bar. NVGS

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I would definitely want a sniper rifle of some kind most likely lightweight barret is a bit on the heavy side. Then I would also use an M4 with multiple different quick change sights along with a foregrip combined with tac light or a lasersight. Then I would have 2 sidearms which of course would be Colt 1911's most likely the 2000 series customized. As far as grenades I would probably go with frag's and possibly something incendiary and definitely some claymores or proximity type explosives. Food would be what I could find once I ran out of MREs. Other would be K-bar with equipment and warm clothing.

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