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Had a blast scriming tonight with some of you guys. We actually had one legit clan scrim and we did really well for not practicing as a team.

We should have a day or two a week where we prac and scrim more often. LOVE THE RUSH.

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[quote name='Gallitin' timestamp='1349407845' post='1435']
Yup, private server will be setup within a few days.
[/quote][quote name='Hollow Clipz' timestamp='1349408750' post='1437']
not gonna lie. I've got a boner.


lol ditto hollow! haha! I'm Pumped

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I really wish i didn't stop playing cs for awhile. My skills have diminished.. but I think im getting there... its hard to tell with all the good competition on the server! Its tough when you have all the knowledge but no skill ha

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