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Why can't I stop watching this?! :O

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mousesports is really good and still are. They need more time in GO as you can see they are good 1.6 players. They did give NiP a run for their money and lost 16-14. They will be so much better next time.

That video editing is amazing btw... and that clip at ~ 5:25


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Oh, the good ole days. I used to record every scrim/match I ever played....for my entire competitive CS career I could have put together a video this good, I've made frags like that all the time, these guys put these videos together from a couple tournaments against the best players in the world. /envy

This one is a pretty average by frag/editting standards for a major release CS 1.6 frag video, there are some others out there that are just redonk.

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^Same, I still have my old demos actually... I wonder if I could still play them? I would *LOVE* to go back and see how I used to play because 3-4 kills in a round was a pretty consistent thing..

Seriously watching this type of stuff makes me want to get back to where I used to be SOOOO MUCH. I don't think I'm going to pub nearly as much now as I used too.. I'll prolly reserve it for a few hours a week instead. Seriously though, I really really miss not missing shots that I do so often these days. Nothing is worse then dying when you KNOW you shouldn't have.


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