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Top 100 CS:GO Servers

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Kinda crazy we rank in the top 100 servers for CS:GO that are tracked now by gametracker.com. I know there are a few thousand they track at least.


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1) Hell yeah to see the server busy from like 12pm - 6am is ridiculous and awesome.

2) Some random scrims we have had are like "you guys are old school gamers right? we like your server your community is big" Boom

3) That 9pm dip was really weird to me and I thought the server was broken, luckily when we changed map it was fixed and people were able to join again. Happened on Mill so maybe something to look out for.

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[quote name='Jizb!' timestamp='1351887359' post='2791']
I bought csgo because i play cs since 1.3. csgo kinda failed for me when i started to play it. wasn't gonna play it any further. but then found osg and hell i love the community. BooM in my ASS. -NoHomo-
Keep it up!

idk man even with the no homo your accnt name isn't helping you out lol

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