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What sensitivity do you use?


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Seriously that spam is super lame...

Back on target though... I use a Logitech G9x. I love the feel of it. I use 5700 dpi for both x and y axis and in game sensitivity of 2.09 with no acceleration.

I'm also using a SteelSeries 4HD mouse pad. LOVE their mouse pads.




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Since I hadn't played much CS since I binged on Source a few years ago, I was used to super high sensitivity from other shooter titles. Needless to say, the way shooting works in CS is pretty different from other titles, so I was shooting like trash. Lowered it wayyyy down, and things are nice now. Still playing with it a bit.

Raw Data On
Accel Off
CS Sensitivity: ~6
Windows Sensitivity: 5
Windows Accel Off

There was actually a post on Team Liquid a while ago that went way in depth about mouse sensitivity and gaming. Pretty interesting stuff.

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