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I'm not sure if this map is in the standard server install, but it was one of my favorite underrated maps, only behind de_chateau. I don't have a link at the moment, but I've seen other 32 slot servers with this map. Would it be possible to add it to the rotation?

Sadly, I've checked the 3 other maps I'd love to see on the rotation vote list but don't think there is a CS:GO version of them (yet):


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I wanna see
cs_siege (ZOMG DRIVING THE APC!!!!!!)
cs_747 (Super old school as well!)
cs_docks (LuLz I can swim! OH FUCK IM DROWNING)
de_jeepathon2k (I almost wanna DL 1.6 JUST to play this map again. I dont think I've ever laughed so hard so many times in a CS game before)

I would LOVE to see these maps on our server. We are OLD SCHOOL gamers afterall, I think we need to make a concerted effort to play a bunch of the old school maps. I'm sure there aren't many servers playing these maps and after an initial drop of people not playing cuz it's that "weird" map, the server would actually become MORE popular because they are playing the older maps.... just like with de_cache.


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lol check this out...this map was sooo awesome.


ps: I still remember my FIRST EVER death in cs. I fell in the water on this map at spawn and couldnt find my way out and didnt know how to tread water, so I drowned to death. lol.

I still literally remember typing "How do u guys get guns?" and someone teaching me how to buy. lolol


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Well I'm not saying we add them into rotation. Just like with cache... I would tell everyone a new map is coming on map change and to download it and not leave. I foundnifnyou warned people more stay aeound and dl it. Then if you talk and joke around a lot and work together people like it more.

It would be cool to have the option to have these on the server..

Unless u mean tanked as in crashed the servee...that's no bueno. We do have a private we can test on befor ehand though.

I suck at phone typing


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I think there is an issue with the server allowing people to DL maps. We switched to cache yesterday and the server died and that map ALWAYS gets people to DL it. One OSG memeber said it wasnt letting him DL it. I'll send galli a msg to see if he can look into it.


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It's not the server it's Valve.

That's the problem with custom maps right now is there are 3 versions of each one. If your's differs from the server you just get kicked. Should be a better way for that to work, but Valve hasn't come up with anything.

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