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Your top 3 favourite movies (Selection must be at least ten years old)


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I will add those to my watch list. Movies are one of my favourite things. Thanks for your list Hilikus :)

[quote name='Hilikus' timestamp='1356961361' post='5942']
1. Where the Buffalo Roam
2. Clerks (Actually any Kevin Smith movie, yes even Jersey Girl I own!)
3. Spaceballs

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I love movies way too much to actually have a top 3, so instead I'll just put 3 random ones I enjoy

1). [url="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114369/"]Seven[/url]
2). [url="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108399/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1"]True Romance[/url]
3). [url="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110912/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1"]Pulp Fiction[/url]

Would definitely be easier if the criteria was a certain decade/genre :P

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